Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It

I just recently purchased Living Social and Groupon deals for Vistaprint. You pay about $10-$20 and get $50-$70 of printing depending on the deal you get.  Here are some of the things I made today...

Homework Punch Card
Business Card

Welcome to 4th Grade 

Classroom Rules 

Reading Punch Card

You've Been Booed!  
Business Cards

This Book Belongs to

Vistaprint also has some cute pens, shirts, totes, and other items.  I got some totes for some friends.  If you spend an additional $25 shipping is free.  Otherwise its about $17.  Might as well buy some more cute stuff that you want need...right? 


  1. Hi Melissa!

    Can I ask a silly question???? For your Vistaprint items, do you create them in word or other program first then upload the image? If so, how do you know what dimensions to make? I have so many ideas for postcards, business cards, etc., but I am not sure how to start. I LOVE your Boo'd one:) Thanks:)

  2. Not a silly question at all. I make everything on the Vistaprint website. I just add my clip art and text as I go. For the Halloween business card, I picked a simple design and then added my haunted house, bunting, and other designs. There is an option to upload your own design, but when I tried that my sizes weren't matching. I kept getting a warning about the resolution or my files were too large. I find it easier to start from scratch. I use Vistaprint all the time! Once you start, you are constantly thinking about other ways of incorporating it into the classroom. They have so many options and you could get really creative. Check on Pinterest too. There are tons and tons of ideas from teachers. Hope that helped. And don't forget to enter my's so easy and there haven't been many entries. You would have a really good chance of winning something from Ben's Bell's Project. ;)