Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Friday

Here's my fashion inspiration for my outfits this past week... 

Pics from the  internet. 
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

100 Follower Celebration and a Starbucks Giveaway

In celebration of 100 followers, I'm hosting a giveaway.  I've decided to give away a $10 gift card to Starbucks.  I used to love their Pumpkin Spice Latte and would eagerly await the day of their arrival.  Well, my friends; that day is today!  So go out and drink one for me!  Better yet, enter this giveaway first, so you can get one free!  Love you all, and good luck!  Don't forget to share this giveaway with your friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, Jessica Weible has the cutest clip art freebie today.  Here's a look...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flash Freebie for Sunday Science

 I was able to meet up with  an amazing blogger from Amy was so sweet and is so passionate about teaching and her family.  Definitely someone to admire {and follow}!  We had a fun time chatting about teacher "stuff" and eating food that was delish. I had a yummy fruit and yogurt parfait called, "Morning Sundae."  Who wouldn't love something with a name like that? We talked about our schools and what we enjoy doing in the spare time that we don't have---haha. We also chatted about our families. I am grateful that we were able to take some time out of our schedules to meet and get to know each other. I can't wait to do it again. 

Melissa and Amy
With the "Petio Rule" sign behind us.  We were at {pet friendly} Flying Star, in Albuquerque!

Today only, you can grab my "What is Matter?" presentation {free}.  Great for introducing matter and is perfect for note taking! Cute clip art to grab student's attention! Includes a post activity to check for understanding (Properties of a solid, liquid, and gas). 

Click the picture to download. 

Happy Sunday! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

After School Shopping and Balloon Fiesta

I'm so sorry I haven't been doing much lately, I haven't been feeling well.  I think I'm immune to all the germies, but when allergies hit in Albuquerque...I'm out! 

Who doesn't love a sale!? Dillards is having a huge sale that ends tomorrow.  I found a ton of cute things that I wanted needed!  Here's a look at what I bought after school today, and the things I A-D-O-R-E!  

I'm meeting up with Amy from tomorrow!  Can't wait.  We tried to find some more teacher bloggers to join us, but think we are the only gals from the area.  I can't wait to meet her! Maybe we can even plan a trip somewhere else to meet up with some other lovely bloggers!  I'll be in the Phoenix area next weekend! 

 My outfit today was as basic as it gets.  Love me some casual Fridays!

White tee from the Gap
Dark skinny jeans from the Gap
White oyster necklace from Silpada
Tan and gold shoes from Tory Burch

Pics from the internet

  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. If anyone is interested in coming out to Albuquerque for the International Balloon Fiesta, leave a comment.  The weather is fantastic, the people are amazing, and the food is to die for (green and red chile on everything)! If this is not on your bucket list yet, it's a MUST add.  And you definitely have to go on the Tram, eat at El Pinto and Sadies, walk around Old Town, and visit The Candy Lady while you're there. I'm sure Amy and I could host another 
Land of Enchantment Bloggy Meet Up!  

Pics from the internet

Here are some of me with my husband...
He's the one in the first pic.  

Oops, I mean, second pic.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ancient Peoples of the Southwest and Outfit of the Day

I'm so sorry that I didn't get to post yesterday.  I had a really busy day.  Not only that, but my allergies kicked in, so I'm exhausted!  Here's today's outfit and below that is yesterday's outfit.  I love sharing these with you everyday and get excited about figuring out what I'm going to wear each day.  Today I was running late because I changed like a million times.  And then I had to hang all the pieces that I decided against back up in the closet. I'll have to post a pic of that sometime... I try to organize by colors and style.  I also have all my cute purses on display on the top with all my jewelry hanging on towel bars on the walls.  I have to find something better for my shoes, so Pinterest here I come!   My side looks okay. My husband's side; on the other hand, I have given up  

Pics from the internet. 
Fitted tee from J Crew
Pencil skirt from Gap
Gold Wedges from Banana Republic 
Earrings from Tory Burch 
Lipgloss from Bobby Brown
Shimmer and Eye Shadow from MAC
Makeup and outfit pictures from the internet.
Jewelry from Premier Designs: Main Event Necklace
Blazer from Gap
Black tank from J Crew
Eye Shadow,  Liner, and Mascara from MAC
Nail polish from MAC (one of my favorite colors---Coffee Break)
Skinny Jeans from Banana Republic

Last night I worked on an Ancient Peoples of New Mexico project, but it could be considered Ancient Peoples of the Southwest.  It's a Publisher document that has notes and pictures of the Anasazi, Pueblo, Mogollon, Navajo, and Apache Peoples and Tribes.  Here's a sneak peak... 

Click here to purchase for just $1!  Then I can buy some more clip art, frames, and papers to make some more cute things for you!  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

TPT Wishlist

With the amazing Back to School sale, I've been buying all the items from my wishlist.  Sale ends tomorrow.

B2S Sale

Back to School Shopping

Visit my store today or tomorrow for 28% off all items.  Use code: BTS13.  I have lots of Back to School items...

Make sure to grab this freebie while you're there!

 Happy Back to School Shopping!    I'm teaching a new grade level, and I plan to add everything I make to my store. Make sure to come back often to see those items. Most of the items in my store are only $1. Start saving those feedback credits so you can buy even more!

Friday, August 16, 2013

TGIF Fashion

I plan on working on tons of stuff this weekend to share with you.  My hubby is taking me on a date night, so nothing new today, but check out yesterday's post about my Teachers Pay Teachers sale going on this weekend and a cute freebie.  

The necklace above is one of my favorites. It's from Premier Designs and is called "Main Event."

Pics from the internet.  And I have to say that I often can't find the exact item of clothing, so sometimes my pictures don't match with the descriptions of where the items were purchased.  Just an FYI.