Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Here are my *favorites* from the week...

Favorite TEACHING related pins
This great product is from Kristen at Aspire to Inspire.  I love it because it saves me some time this summer.  And since I'm going to be teaching 4th next year for the first time, it's just right.  Definitely go check out her blog if you get a chance.  It's so cute!
My favorite DELISH pin
I love everything chocolate.  And summer always makes me think of summer, but it isn't always easy getting the campfire going.  This is the perfect way to make s'mores in your home all year round.  I'm thinking this would be great with hot chocolate in the wintertime too! Yum! 

My favorite FASHION pin
The Pleated Poppy is one of my favorite blogs out there.  And the store has the most adorable things ever!  Make sure to browse Lindsey's archives while you are visiting.  There are some amazing ideas and tutorials there.  I love everything about this outfit!  I always love coral,  rolled up skinny jeans, and pretty jewelry.  And I wear ballet flats all the time during the school year.  Love her hair and sunglasses too!  I'm feeling like I need to go shopping right about now...

My favorite KIDDOS pin
Need I say more?  This would be so much fun at home and in the classroom.  I'm going to Hobby Lobby this week to purchase all I need to make this cute craft! 

My favorite TRAVEL pin
I love the architecture, sea, fashion, food, and everything else about Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.  I would totally move in a heartbeat.  There is nothing better than biking, cottages, mansions, lighthouses, and the harbor.

My favorite HOME DECOR pin
Love gray and yellow together.  I would do some things differently with this room, but I think it has some cute things going on.  I love clean, neutral, and light.

My favorite LDS pin
"Stand Ye in Holy Places and Be Not Moved" was our theme this year for Young Women.  It's a reminder to remain virtuous and be worth to enter the Temple.  This link has a great video called, "Always in our Sights."

My favorite HAIR pin
Kate Bekinsale's hair always looks amazing.  I love the color and cut here.  I just think it's funny that it's posted as "embrace messy hair."  This is not what my hair looks like when it's messy.  I don't think my hair would look this good if I spend two hours working on it.  I wish this were my "messy hair"

My favorite PUPPY pin
How precious is this?  I have two goldens at home, so this reminds me of my babies.  

My favorite BABY pin
Again, I love neutral colors.  I'm not the biggest fan of pink or blue rooms, so I think this is the perfect baby room. I especially love the "Hush little baby" sign and the chandelier.  So elegant!

My favorite HEY GIRL pin
I'm in love with Ryan Gosling, so I love all of the Hey Girl pins.  And I totally wear yoga pants all day every chance I get.  I do yoga in the morning...that's my excuse!  Hehe.

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