Friday, January 17, 2014

The Teaching Tribune: Meet

I love Learn Zillion, so tonight I thought I'd share this guest blog post from Well, Michelle at The Teaching Tribune: Meet Hello everyone!  It is Michelle here from Well, Michelle? and I have a very important question to ask you today. Have you heard of yet?  I use this website weekly in my classroom.  It is full of high quality videos that fully support and unwrap the Common Core State Standards in student-friendly terms.  The best is completely FREE!

Here's a little preview of the website...

Set up a free account and search by topic or standard number for a video.
Click on the link above to learn more about this amazing site and to grab a freebie for note taking.  I can't wait to use this next week!  
Photo: How many people use in the classroom?  Read more about how I do and grab this FREEBIE over at The Teaching Tribune today!  {Link in comments}
I'm teaching the human body and fractions, and I'm hoping to share some things with you, so please come back to see what we're doing.  Hope you have a nice three day weekend. My hubby have some fun plans for the weekend!

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