Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 3- Fitness

Fitness is important to me.  I plan to do more indoor and outdoor activities this year.  I want to do more dancing, running, indoor rock climbing, basketball, Pilates, yoga, and soccer.  Last year, I ran a half marathon, and I would love to train for a marathon. Click on the picture below to visit my Pinterest board for some running tips. 

This site has some of the cutest running garb I've seen! From 26.2 Christmas ornaments, to clever running tees, to emergency runner kits, this place has them. Check it for you or for your running friend's bday.

Some new things I want to try this year are CrossFit and Aerial Fitness.


I love my Pilates machine and use it on a daily basis!  

 Pilates! pilates  

I started juicing over a year ago and am addicted! Click the picture below to visit my Pinterest Board for some yummy recipes!

Learn how to build a better smoothie!

My go-to for fitness motivation... 

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