Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NM Blogventure

NM Bloggy Meet Up!

My first and only Bloggy Meet Up that I have ever done was in ABQ with a blog friend named Amy.  We enjoyed a delish brunch, beautiful view of the mountains, and friendly conversation about fashion, school, blogging, family, etc.  We even had a chance to snap a cute pic!  Well, it's time for another go at a bloggy meet up in ABQ.  If you are a blogger from New Mexico, you're invited to join me and Amy for a brunch on February 8th.  I'll give more details if you wish to come and join us for a gab session on school, teaching, blogging, TpT, etc. If you wish to check out the super sweet Amy, head on over to Albuquerque Amy's First Graders Blogspot.   Amy's blog is adorable!

Me and Amy

I was thinking that we could make it a Valentine/Heart themed brunch and bring 1 Valentine craft or teaching idea for the grade level you teach.  I will feature you and your creation on my site after the meet up.  Come on NM, join the blogventure!
Ladies, do you want to do a treat exchange as well?   You can comment with your email and I'll include you.  I can match the NM bloggers, so we don't have to worry about shipping. 

Hope to see you there!