Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 5- Organization

I love, love, love Schoolgirl Style.  I am definitely doing buying this to use next year.  I'm totally in love with her poms, daisies, ribbons, lanterns, chalkboards, and tape!
Can't wait to redecorate and organize at the same time!

Melanie has classroom decor by theme.  Here's a list of some of her themes;
Summer, Dogs, Ladybugs, Vintage, Carnival, Bees, Daisies, Polka Dots, Chevrons, Camping, Sea, and Rock Star.

But go check it out for yourself...
Classroom Organization by Schoolgirl Style

I've been working on organizing everything into binders this year.  I used this for my binder organization and LOVE it! 
Ready to binder-ize your classroom, but want to personalize your binders with your own titles, graphics, name, fonts, and more?
Here's the link to purchase this from Brooke from 
Once Upon a First Grade Adventure
{adorable blog by the way}

I do have my classroom library organized pretty well.  Everything is labeled according to reading level and genre.  I probably have thousands of books of all levels and interests.  

Here are some pics from Pinterest  of some beautifully organized classroom libraries...

Classroom Library – Organization Pictures Classroom library organization.  Going to put tape on shelves to make them colorful

There's a lot of information out there about how to do this. Here's what I used...

I need to work on teaching my students how to be organized. Do you have any ideas for me?  I'd love to see/hear what you do.  Please comment with links to your shops, blog posts, Pins, or anything else you'd like to share.  I promise I'll read and buy some of the things that work for you!

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