Saturday, November 1, 2014


A family friend of ours is currently on the Mission Field in Eugene, Oregon. He and his friends have created a fabulous Facebook event that I'd like to share with you.  It's called #MyFamilyGratitude.  They have a goal of 1.000 members, but I think with the teacher blogging community, we can easily double that.  Let's all join, share on our blogs, and share with our friend and family members via Facebook.  With Pinterest, Twitter, Tsu, and so many other social media venues, this could {and should} go viral.  It started today, but you can always join in.  Please feel free to copy, paste, modify, etc. 
 I'll make a button to share as well.  

The Spirit of Gratitude brings true joy and great happiness. #ldsconf #whipperberry

Here's a little snippet from their page... 

Show your attitude of gratitude this November!

The Oregon Eugene Mission invites you to their Thanksgiving #MyFamily Event. For 12 days, starting November 1st, please join us in sharing what you’re thankful for! We look forward to seeing your messages in photos, videos or just plain text! Each day we’ll be checking to see what you've posted and we'll share what we can right here, on this Facebook event page. Let’s fill the Facebook feeds with things we’re grateful for! Remember to add - #MyFamily or #MyFamilyGratitude – to your posts! 

Our goal is to spread the #MyFamily invitation across the United States and beyond! So please invite your friends today and get ready to share what you’re grateful for!A family friend of ours is currently on the Mission Trail in Eugene, Oregon.  He and his friends have created a Facebook event called #MyFamilyGratitude. 

Click here to join.

Tomorrow I'll be working on something we can all use in the classroom with this.  So hopefully I can share that with you all soon.  I'm certainly grateful for the teacher blogging community.  I make a new friend daily and learn so much from all of you.  I've loved blogging the past year and a half and look forward to getting to know each of you better as we continue this journey.  I love all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in the career I love.   

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