Sunday, November 2, 2014

12 Days of Gratitude in the Classroom #MyFamilyGratitude

Here's a  FREE 12 Day Gratitude Challenge you can use in the classroom this month with your students.  Just click on the image to download.

12 Days of Gratitude Challenge  
And here are some gratitude ideas from Pinterest...

Make this Family Gratitude Jar and see the magic that happens within your family this Thanksgiving season

How to Teach Gratitude to Your Children: The #Gratitude #Game from

 FREE Gratitude Garland Printable from Somewhat Simple

Tried & True - About
 Learn how to make your own "Always Be Thankful" Gratitude Frame. A perfect tradition to start during the Thanksgiving season!

 Gratitude Board - each night in Nov. have kids pull cardstock out and write down something they are thankful for that day.

KidSpace Stuff
Gratitude Tree - I think a lot of these Thanksgiving games are really cliche, but this tree is really pretty and has potential to really class the games up.

 20 Activities to Teach Kids Gratitude

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