Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Crafts

I have parent conferences on Monday and Tuesday and then some time off for Thanksgiving.  My mind is already set on Christmas crafts for the home and classroom.  Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest.  Just click on the photo to go to the original source.

What are you doing?  Link up to share your favorite pics, crafts, and TPT lessons! 
Tutorial on how to make this adorable "jingle all the way" framed picture with or without a vinyl cutting machine. #christmas #diy

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Snowman Ornament lightbulb agh it's so cute. There's lightbulb jars at Hobby Lobby that would be terrific for this! White Christmas Centerpiece christmas-decoration-ideas
I would try: Mini wooden letters, use the exact same idea, maybe add some cotton balls & felt for texture, hot glue a mini Santa hat on some of the more "edge-ier" letters, and use a satin or silk ribbon to hang up for decorating ;)




  1. I love the Jingle All the Way frame! Too cute!

  2. I went to Michaels yesterday and wanted to buy everything! I'll have to narrow it down for our Bloggy Meet Up :)