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Show Us What You Bought Blog Hop

It's a longer post today, but I wanted to share with you all of the wonderful products I purchased during the TPT cyber sale.  After reading about all the amazing teachers who have created these wonderful resources, come back to click on the frog and visit some other bloggers to see what they bought.  And then join in on the party and share with us! I love shopping, but love even more being able to share with you all of the creations these wonderful ladies have made for us to use in our own classrooms.  I wish I had half the talent as they!

Make sure to visit all of these amazing blogs and stores!  These teachers are out of this world, amazing! I already have products from all of them and can only say positive things about them.  I have learned so much from them and they have made my life so much easier. The past two years, I have taught two different grades, so it's nice to read their blog posts and purchase some things that I can use in my own classroom without having to reinvent the wheel! Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication.  Thanks for sharing your ideas and amazing talents with us.  Can't wait to use all of my new purchases...  I'll be blogging about these as I do!

Need I say more?  
Jen Bengal is amazing! Check this out from her shop.  She has other grade levels as well. 

Units of Study Bundle: Grade 4 {8 Months of Reading & Writ Out of This World Literacy

Woo Hoo!
 I LOVE Interactive Notebooking, so I'm really looking forward to using it in Science, too. Thanks Melissa!   She just did a blog post about Elf in Shelf in the Classroom. Adorable! 

Science Interactive Notebook Templates - {194 Foldable Fli 

Common Core and So Much MoreMy Picture

One of our Standards is on Poetry, Prose, and Drama, so the next two are going to work perfectly to address those standards.  Please pray for her pup, Stella.  She just had to undergo surgery.  My pup had to do that a few years ago after eating my running shorts.  It's not an easy surgery and takes it's toll emotionally and financially.  Prayers for a quick recovery for your precious girl!

I have been using the Poetry Centers all week and LOVE it! So do my kiddos!

Here are some pics of my class today...
Each group made a poster with the help of  One  Extra Degree.
I made this so students could record information from the posters from each group.
  They were able to Walk the Room and had a blast!

I'm going to be using this the next two days...
Understanding Prose, Poetry, and Drama Activities to addre

Teaching with Blonde Ambition

 Make sure to check out her Science Holiday Challenge while you're there!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Task Cards by Rachel Lynette.  She makes them for Reading and Math and they are so easy to use.  Print, Laminate, and Done!  And the Chicklets love to do them!

Equivalent Fractions Task Cards: 32 Multiple Choice Cards

I was about to make my own assessment on Equivalent Fractions today, and then I remembered I had purchased this.  I logged in, downloaded, and was DONE!  So easy...right?!?

Visit to get your own.  They have everything you need for Math in Grades 3-5.  I love using their Exit Slips! 

4th Grade Common Core Math Assessments - All Standards Bundle
Math Mojo

And one of my blogging besties, Amy from 24/7.  She is hard working, dedicated, accurate, and most importantly, kind hearted!  I am truly grateful to have come across her blog this summer, as she has taught me what it means to truly care about others.  She dedicates her time and effort to her products for her family.  I just love that about her!  And as I'm writing this and linking to her blog, I'm realizing that as I've stated earlier, this girl truly has taught me what it means to care about others...she is currently doing Teachers Helping Tornado Victims!  I'm definitely buying a bundle.

I use text passages from Amy all the time, so I'm excited for some new ones...

She also has a December Unit.  We can all use that for sure!  I've included the link to make it even easier for you to buy it now.  

December Close Reading Passages w/ Common Core Aligned Tex

9 Insect Passages for Close Reading, Assessments, Homework

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