Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Door Decorating Contest

My class is decorating our classroom door.  Every year at our school, we have a door decorating contest.  The students love being a part of the planning and execution of it.  Here are some before pics.  The kiddos are hard at work, and as you can see, making a huge mess.  They were listening to music as they worked and watching short Pixar movies.  One of my students today said, "Ms. Cloud, we should make a Naughty or Nice poster."  So that's what I did.  

Here's a pic of the Naughty or Nice Board.  Please feel free to use this idea in your own classrooms.  I'm sure there are ideas that are similar floating around on Pinterest.  Again, I can't take credit for this... it was one of my amazing students! 
Here's the mess on my desk as we were working.  I always justify it by saying, "it means are working hard."  Here are just a few of my purchases...the rest are in my car. It was a cool 20*F this morning, so one trip to the classroom was sufficient for me! Frozen toes and nose while I was on duty today! I'd rather be in Arizona for sure when it's this cold here! 
 Candy Door Decor for Sweet Shop Theme Birthday 
Here are some of my kiddos hard at work.  They came up with the cutest ideas and are way more creative than I ever could be.  
Our theme is gingerbread houses, candy, candy, and more candy!  The class decided to make a gingerbread family.  Each group decided on a family member and got to work. We have a mom, dad, brother, sister, baby, and one group wanted to make a gingerbread dog...a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! 
Check back with us tomorrow. I'll have the final pictures posted along with some pictures of other doors in our school.  We still need to work on the houses {including a dog house}, ornaments, and snowflakes.  Wish us luck on the contest!
I'm doing this after school.  Hopefully it lasts through the night. 

Inflate balloons, cover with tulle, tie at bottom. Adorable! #DIY #balloons #crafts | best stuff
And here's a link to my Pinterest Door Decor Board. Please link up and share pictures of your own classroom doors or favorites from Pinterest.  I love seeing all that's out there! 
Love ya'll! 

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