Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kindness to Boost a Child's Spirit

I wanted to share this.  It's not Back to School related, but I'm hoping you can take a moment to write a note of encouragement or do something special for Lucas.  And please share this on your blog as well.  The more we share, the more we can support and love Lucas and his family. Here's his story...

"We {26 Acts of Kindness} were contacted by a reader named Cindi about her grandson Lucas. After verifying the accuracy of the request we are going to share it with all of you.

Lucas is just like every other seven year old boy, smart, energetic, and loving. However, he has one thing that most seven year old children do not...a heavy burden. Lucas is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. 

Having to bear that kind of burden is hard on everyone in his life, but it's exceptionally heavy for a seven year old. As I told his grandmother, there is a quote I really like:
"A jewel's just a piece of rock put under enormous heat and pressure."
This experience will undoubtedly allow the world to see Lucas for the jewel that he is. 

While he is going through this struggle his family has set up a way for you to mail him wishes for hope. This is not necessarily a request for donations, but just kind thoughts and love. "

You may mail cards and letters of support to:

C/O Cindi Hunter
Po Box 477
Charleston, AR 72933

 Spread love, not hate 

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