Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kagen Strategies and Another Cute Outfit

Hey ya'll!  I have to share with you something that I use in the classroom that has changed my life.  It's amazingly easy to use and the kiddos are engaged! I'm sharing my Pinterest Board with you today....take a moment to check it out. Dr. Spencer Kagen developed a "structural approach" to cooperative learning.  The software available for use on a Promethean Board is amazing and so easy to use!  Check out the Timer Tools, Answer Boards, Engagement Software, Win-Win Discipline,Brain-Based learning, RtI, and Multiple Intelligences links.  There is so much to this website....I can't even begin telling you all about it.  So...go check it out for yourself.  Just make sure you have some time to browse.  And then start writing your grants or saving your money because this is a worthwhile investment! Today, I used the Classbuilding software and the students loved it!  I LOVE using Kagen in my classroom. 

 And here's a picture of my outfit today (again, pics are from the internet)...
Jeans and sweater from Banana Republic (my sweater was actually beige with white stripes and had these adorable gold buttons on the shoulders, but I couldn't find a pic)
 Necklace is from Premier Designs Jewelry
Watch from Kenneth Cole
 Honey Love Lipstick from MAC
Espresso Matte Eye shadow from MAC
Melba Blush from MAC

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