Thursday, October 9, 2014

Teaching Plot, Solving Word Problems, and Westward Expansion

Here are some of the things we have planned for next week.  
Hope you all have a great weekend.  
I'll be going to the Balloon Fiesta! 

Fabulous Fourth Grade
This is a great pin. This poster explains in detail "What Plot is?". This colorful poster is a great way for students to remember how to explain plot. I would post this poster in the reading corner, so it can serve as a constant reminder to students as they continue to read.
Follow My Heart to First

How to use Pixar Short Films to quickly master Plot. 10 highly engaging short films to study plot and the story elements. “Burn-E” “Day & Night” “Dug’s Special Mission” “For the Birds” “Geri’s Game” “Knick Knack” “Lifted” “Partly Cloudy” “Presto” “Tin Toy” Enjoy the Pixar Short Films Study!
Created for Learning
Somebody Wanted But So Then method of summarizing. I love this board. Fill it in as a whole group then just tear off Post Its when you read a new text.

story elements website and printable anchor charts-I actually used part of this site for an observation lesson with 7th graders to review antagonist/protagonist

Elements of Fiction Posters {Plot Vocabulary} I created these simple bright and colorful posters for many of the common elements of fiction (I call them "lit terms") that my middle school students learn throughout the year.   All posters are high resolution 8.5X11 and look beautiful when printed.  Here are the posters included:  plot  setting, protagonist, antagonist, suspense, flashback, foreshadowing, dialogue, irony, theme, symbolism, mood, tone. $3
I'm Lovin' Lit
Math Word Problem Key Words
Valerie King Inspired
Math Word Problem-Solving Strategy Posters {FREEBIE}
Fun in Fifth Grade

Math Word Problem Task Cards: 32 Multi-Step Story Problem Cards
Rachel Lynette

Click here for 4th Grade Math Games or here for 3rd Grade Reading

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