Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teaching Place Value

Here are some ideas from Pinterest to help teach place value.  I'll add to this post a tutorial this afternoon on how to create a dry erase expander.

How to Make Dry Erase Place Value Expanders

Place Value Cups
My Second Grade Journal! Mrs. Ts First Grade Class: How to teach #number placement#!  Great Idea.  Just push the cups in and you would have 132.  Add the zeros for what ever place you are teaching.  Using different color of cups or pens would designate more clearly the value.
My kiddos love making these.  You just have to make sure the cups are facing the right way;)
Anchor chart
Place value Written form Expanded form Numerical form

Flip Book
 Place Value FREEBIE to assess number word, expanded form and standard form of numbers.

Task Cards

The Primary GalThese expanded form task cards are designed to allow for students to practice putting and interpreting numbers in expanded form.  This packet inclu...  

Free Dice Game Recording Sheet from Meghan Prihoda
Wanna do something like this but with at least 6-digit numbers. Roll Em: Expanded Form Dice Game


  1. We used the expanders from our new math program. I think they really help the strugglers get a better grasp of place value.

  2. We are using the math program too, but don't have the materials yet. We made do with what we had :)