Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently and Two Days of Fun

I can't believe it's August already! I'm a day late, but you can read why in a moment.  I'm linking up with
Oh' Boy 4th Grade for August Currently.

Listening: Sometimes it's nice to have nothing on in the background.  Fewer distractions means more work gets done. Right?!?  Not with Pinterest at my fingertips!  
Loving: My husband took me to one of my favorite restaurants in Albuquerque last night for our anniversary.  I'm actually going to do a blog post on it in a few days, so look for Hometown Hidden Gems.
Here's a little preview...
Thinking: I have no idea where July went and I have so much I need to do before school starts!  I'll have to remember this...
Wanting: I have a huge list of books that I still want to read!  On the list is the Secret Series.  They look fantastic! One of my friend's daughters let me borrow The Name of This Book is Secret.  Such a sweetheart!  Now if I could only learn how to add time to the day...
Oh and by the way, I'm hosting Ramona Recommends on the 6th, so make sure to visit to see which books I've chosen for August Book Club! They're wonderful!!! 

Needing: I'm clueless when it comes to decorating!  I need a classroom fairy to come shopping with me to help with my choices in fabrics, ribbons, contact paper, etc.  I do have some friends making curtains and vinyls for me though.  Love you, girls!
First Day: We were able to get our classroom keys on Thursday, so I've been doing a little at a time.  We start staff meetings on Wednesday and have Meet the Teacher on Thursday!  Here are some of the things I've been up to...

Thursday consisted of moving furniture and unpacking some.  I'm thinking I have too much stuff and need to have a yard sale soon!  This will be my ninth year teaching, and I've taught 1st-4th grades, been in 3 schools, and at least 5 different classrooms. That's a lot of moving!!!  You'd think I'd be better at all of this by now!



I bought my ribbon, fabric, and spray paint for yesterday's project and headed to school.  I got to work on decorating bulletin boards and spray painting some of my old storage containers.  I completed my four little containers and started on my larger one, when...MY PAINT RAN OUT!  I grabbed the second paint can {glad I bought two!}and started painting, when...NOTHING came out!  So I had to run to Hobby Lobby to exchange it.  I can never just run in and out of that place! So after looking at more fabric, browsing the sale aisle, and looking for curtain rods, I was on my way back to finish what I'd started.  Two hours later, I was able to complete my project! {shouting from the rooftop}


As you can see, I'm doing black, white, turquoise, and gray.
What color do you think I should use for my curtains? 
And should I add another color to the mix?

Next up: curtains, desk, re-upholstery, and more!


  1. I LOVE the colors that you picked out! I have turquoise and navy picked out for my room. I wish we could do curtains on our windows. One of my student's mom is going to sew curtains for my bookshelves and I am excited! I can't believe that you moved so many times! That is crazy! Best of luck this school year!


  2. Great color choices! It always seems like everything won't get done, but each year it always seems to! Enjoy your last few precious moments of summer!

    Eclectic Educating

  3. My room will be a disaster zone, too! Happy anniversary to you and your husband! I just got engaged a week and a half ago...let the planning begin!
    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Desings for All

  4. Wish I lived closer I would come help you with your room. I LOVE to organize!!! Can't wait for Wednesday!!! :)
    Ramona Recommends