Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of School

It's my first day of school with my kiddos!  I can't wait to get started with them.  Here are some pics of my last minute activities with my pups...

My new color printer came in the mail!  I had recently purchased one from Craigslist that didn't work.  Sad face!  Marley is almost as excited as I am about this one! 
Chloe was helping me cut all of my Melonheadz from the Linda's Immigration Bundle which you can find here...

Laminating some cute decor and of course getting ready for that infamous first day photo from Ramona Recommends, Teacher to the Core, and Teaching in the Fast Lane.

On my way to school, and I don't know what I'm wearing...YIKES! What are you wearing on your first day?
I think we should do a linky party!
I'll set it up this afternoon when I get back :) 


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