Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We're doing the Noodle...are you?
Christi, from Ms. Fultz's Corner has posted about Go Noodle.  My class has been using it the past week and it's been great!  We are in in the middle of a two week stretch to Spring Break, and my kiddos definitely need this right about now.  It's really helping us get through the day.  Here's a little of what Christi had to say about it (visit her blog for more information about calm, focus, energize, Zumba, and even take a look at her class in action)...

Have you heard about Go Noodle? It's certainly taking off in Teacher Land! I started using it with my students last week and they LOVE it. It couldn't have come at a better time either because we were in the loooong last week before spring break.

Go Noodle's all about "free brain breaks that help channel classroom energy for good" and how can you read that line and NOT want to give it a try? I certainly couldn't! They have a great introduction video, but honestly it's very intuitive. I'll give you the rundown.

First, you get to pick a class mascot who will grow along with your students as they use Go Noodle. Once you've maxed that one out, you get to start over with a new one. Here's an example, haha!

As you can see, our little buddy has grown already! He greets us each time we log in by saying something silly. As we complete brain breaks, our purple bar grows and so does he.

After we log in, we have a choice of what kinds of activities we'll do. There are calm, focus, and energizing activities depending on what I need.

And while you're visiting Chrisit's blog, make sure to check out her Jamberry Nail Wraps.
I tried them and fell in love.  They are easy, cute, and last a long time.  PERFECT for teachers!  You can even sign up to try them free.  Just visit her Facebook page 
  Thanks, Christi!


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