Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Teaching Tribune: Cards for Kindness {A Linky Party To Spread Smiles...

I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribine for Cards for Kindness this week. The Teaching Tribune: Cards for Kindness {A Linky Party To Spread Smiles...: We are SO excited to share this new linky party with you - Cards for Kindness! As Valentine's Day approaches, we hope you will join us in spreading some smiles, love, and happiness to those in your teaching community this year! We know our students love making Valentine's for their friends and decorating Valentine's bags and boxes for their classroom parties.  But we think Valentine's Day is also the perfect opportunity to get your students involved in spreading kindness and a much needed smile to those around them. 

Giving Valentine's to those who need a smile or a brightened day is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about kindness, empathy, and generosity.  My first graders and I are going to be making Valentine's for a nursing home within the community I teach in.  My kids are so excited to participate in this random act of kindness!

We're asking other teachers and teacher-bloggers to join us!  Simply set aside some time one day to make Valentine's with your class.  Allow your students to have some fun making their Valentine's for those in need!  It won't take long and will surely be a great class experience!

Choose a group or organization in your students' community to give the Valentines' to! Simply drop them off on your way home from work or mail them to a nearby organization.

Here are some ideas of places to give or send your Cards for Kindness to:
-nursing home
-group of Veterans
-a soldier you know who is overseas
-nearby children's hospital
-community firemen and police departments
-women's shelter.

Linking up with us is easy!

-Simply take pictures of the Valentine's your class makes.  
-Give them to the group of your choice that needs some happiness, love, and smiles this Valentine's Day!  
-Blog about the cards you sent and who you decided to share them with.  
-Link up your blog post below to share your Cards for Kindness with the blogging community and link back to us so others can link up too! 

Link up anytime between now and February 23rd!

*If you do not have a blog but would like to participate, upload your picture of the cards you created on Facebook and tag us in it! Visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE.

We hope you will participate with us in Cards for Kindness! 
Let's spread some kindness this Valentine's Day. :)

From all of your friends at The Teaching Tribune,

Spread smiles, happiness, love, and compassion with your students this Valentine's Day!

Visit The Teaching Tribune to link up! 

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