Thursday, June 13, 2013

By the Sea Ocean Giveaway

Schoolgirl Style has done it again.  She is amazing!  Here is the link to her giveaway with tons of cute things including a classroom theme collection, clothes, jewelry, handbag, and more!


  1. Love the colors, but living in NM...means no sea. I grew up in MD and went to the ocean every summer. Sure would be great if we had something big enough here to go to like that for summer.
    Abq Amy

  2. I completely agree that we need something big enough here for the summer. I'm thinking we need to bring it to our classrooms at the beginning of the year. Do you visit Maryland often? I would love to live in a beach town someday. I read books all summer that all seem to take place in NC. I guess if I can't be there all summer, I'll read about being there! Hope you are having a great summer!