Friday, September 5, 2014

Character Traits, Inferences, Theme, and More!

Character Traits
Pigeons Animation from YouTube

Making Inferences 
One Man Band Short Animation from YouTube
Frozen Trailer from YouTube

For the Birds from YouTube

French Toast from YouTube

Brave "Potion Making" from YouTube

Character, Setting, Plot
Build schema by brainstorming characters and settings they know. Great for story writing and story maps.

Fourth Grade

Flocabulary  Five Things from YouTube


Teaching themes can be hard for students to understand. Watch how your students begin to understand themes with this interactive bulletin board.Theme Anchor Chart by The Pinspired Teacher-Click here to see how The Pinspired Teacher documents the #CommonCore State Standards through anchor charts and how you can get this anchor chart in your classroom!

Frozen was loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. And I do mean loosely. The original tale is much darker. We’re glad Disney used their creative freedom here. 

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