Monday, May 12, 2014

Granting Wishes

Julian goes to  my school, so I had to share this.  He has the sweetest spirit and I'm proud to call myself a Wrangler! The kiddos at my school are phenomenal.  We are growing stronger spirits daily through the power of compassion, charity, and love. 

Please click on the link to see this amazing video of our Make-a-Wish efforts. 

 I am truly inspired by the efforts of our families to come together to make a wish come true each year.  We were the first school in Albuquerque to do a Make-a-Wish fundraiser, but I'm happy to say that this year there have been many school that have joined us in this effort.  There is nothing better than to see the smiling face of a child who has just learned his/her wish will be granted.  

Please take a moment to donate today and then email me  your address @ for a little treat from me via snail mail.  If I have more than 50 comments, I will donate an additional $100.  Please share this with your followers so we can reach that goal.

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