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Synonym, Antonym, Homonym Sort Craftivity

 I've been so excited about sharing this post. Make sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post.  There is information about a giveaway!
 I did this Synonym, Antonym, Homonym sort craftivity about a week ago, and it was amazing!  Deb, from Crafting Connections shared this with me.

My principal actually walked in during the middle of this lesson for an unscheduled observation, and I was more than happy to see her since it was going so well. The students and I had read a story from our Houghton Mifflin Treasures series.  One of the mini lessons was on homophones, so I thought this was a perfect way to tie this in.  We had been learning about synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms during the days leading up to this lesson.  We watched video clips from Discovery Education, played online games, completed a few practice worksheets from Treasures, and we also read, Dear Deer by Gene Barretta.


 I used Kagan Strategies {click here to read more about Kagan} to go over a few of the sentences together.  I was able to walk the room and check for understanding while students worked in cooperative learning groups.  First students worked individually to come up with the correct answer for the sentence.  Then we did Numbered Heads Together using Talking Chips to discuss and come to a consensus on the correct answer.  I then used the Classroom Tools to pick a random student to answer.  When I felt they were ready to work individually, I allowed for some coloring time (4th graders love this!), met with a smaller group, and then had them focus completing the remaining sentences.  Once they had the correct answers, they could cut their sentences out and sort them into the correct planet (antonym, homonym, or synonym). 

They had a "blast" in the Solar System of Nym.  Not to mention, my principal LOVED this lesson. When I went to meet with her, she had only positive things to say, and I passed my evaluation with "Flying Colors."  Thanks, Deb!  

Here are some pics of my students and their finished product.  

Here is the product description from Deb's TPT store;

Here's a fun activity to check to see if your students can identify synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms in a sentence, and label them correctly. It also makes a creative bulletin board or school hallway display! It can also be used as a novel entry in an interactive notebook!

In the student-friendly directions, students are told that their mission is to get the antonyms, homonyms, and synonyms gathered and placed on the correct rocket. The rocket will take the sentences back to their home planets in the solar system of NYM. 

First, students color their planets and rockets. Then, they read the sentences in the boxes and highlight the antonyms, synonyms, or homonyms in the two sentences. Next, they cut out their sentence boxes and sort them onto the correct rocket. Finally, they place a dot of glue on the left side of each sentence box, and glue the boxes to the rockets. (There are 21 sentence cards.)

Click on the photo below to buy this for only $3. It's well worth it!
Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms Sort and Craftivity- Grades 4 and up

Deb is going to give away this craftivity to one of my followers! Head on over to {Crafting Connections} to enter to win your very own copy!

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